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Hello, my name is Alicia Hurst and I am the founder of I created this website to provide information about the benefits of goat milk for health and wellness. I am passionate about helping people learn about the benefits of this amazing food source, and I hope that you find the information on this website helpful!

Alicia Hurst
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My professional credentials as a skin care expert

I’m a professional aesthetician. I specialize in skincare. I studied at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology as a skin care specialist. I enjoy helping people feel better about themselves by improving their appearance.

Discovering goat milk soap and lotions

I’ve struggled with dry skin since puberty. It was always a big problem for me in the winter when my symptoms were usually the worst. I would try popular products, but they never really had much of an effect on me.

Then I discovered goat milk soaps and found that they were the only thing to have had much effect on my skin. I’ve since expanded to using lotions and body creams made with goat milk.

I’m a person, just like you. I love spending time with my family and friends, and I enjoy learning new things. Join me on my journey as I explore goat milk products and find what works not only for my skin but yours too.