Australian Botanical Soap Goats Milk

Australian Botanical Soap Goats soap
Australian Botanical Soap Goats soap

Australian Botanical Soap Goats Milk is the perfect soap for people with sensitive skin. Goat milk is high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which makes it a great ingredient in soap. This soap also contains Australian botanical extracts, which are known for their therapeutic properties.

Australian Botanical Soap Goats Milk: Review

This soap is fantastic. If you have eczema or psoriasis, this is the bar of soap for you. It does not irritate my skin. I am ecstatic that I gave it a try. The bars are quite big, and they endure a long time before expiring.

Looking for a goat milk soap to treat your eczema? I have an article just for you


  • I love the complex fragrance
  • Lasted me for quite a few weeks
  • Left my skin moisturised


  • Smell can be quite strong for some

Who is this goat milk soap for

I’ll begin by stating that it is suitable for sensitive skin, but be careful and read the list of ingredients for anything that might cause you an allergic reaction.

It does produce a good amount of suds, and it washes your skin nicely. There’s just one issue I can think of. You need gorilla-sized hands to grasp it at first. Once the bar has grown manageable.

Size of Australian Botanical soap bars

The quantity of bars you receive for the price is fantastic, so if you don’t have terrible skin problems, this will be great; but if you’re looking for a moisturizing, I would be careful.

australian botanical goats milk soap

The fragrance

The scent is a little like coconut musky (tough to describe!). It has a very faint milky aroma. It does not have a flowery or spicy fragrance. It does not have an orchid or floral aroma. The fragrance is fantastic. I don’t think the scent lingers on my skin for long.

I kept waiting for the fragrance to return, as it is light and clean. I dislike heavy scents since they give me a headache; this is therefore an excellent alternative for anybody who suffers from that problem.

Who are Australian Botanical Soap

From humble beginnings, being sold at local market stalls, Australian Botanical Soap has grown to where they are today, which is worldwide.

Their humble beginning can be charted to the early 2000s when most were tiny bars produced out of tallow (animal fat) and had a synthetic foaming agent like SLS, Sodium Laurel Sulphate to produce foam.

In the past, awareness and implementation were always important when it came to developing their collection.

They claim that all of their soap is biodegradable, and it may be used with confidence in conjunction with greywater systems.

The glycerin present in our Natural soap is derived from pure plant oils, which help to moisturize your skin.

What is Australian Botanical Soap’s manufacturing process?

Australian Botanical Soap uses a triple grinding procedure that uniformly combines components, resulting in a denser bar with more soap and less water, which accounts for the bar’s longevity.

As a proof of their dedication to creating biodegradable, they leave out

Tetrasodium etidronate (EDTA), Parabens or Editronic acid (HEDP), Phthalates, and SLS just to count a few.

Any negatives of using Australian Botanical Soap Goats Milk?

It’s a little drying. It made no difference to my moisturizing regimen; it just dried up my skin even more. I was disappointed with this product because it didn’t improve the texture or softness of my skin.

It irritated my sensitive skin and left it extremely dry. Some individuals claim to have acquired a rash as a consequence of it. Some of the components may be triggering an allergic reaction.

What are customers saying?

I suffer from eczema, rosacea, and KP. This soap is great for my skin. And smells light and clean. Love it

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Sustainable Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Fragrance (Contains NO Phthalates, Parabens or Propylene Glycol), Sodium Gluconate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Organic Shea) Butter, Palm Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Goat Milk sourced from South Eastern Victoria, Titanium Dioxide