Best Products with Goat Milk for Psoriasis

Best goat milk lotion for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can be difficult to manage. While there are many treatments available, they can be expensive and/or require a prescription. Products with goat milk, such as lotions, creams, soaps and more, are an affordable and natural alternative that may help to ease the symptoms of psoriasis. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment option.

Goat Milk for Psoriasis: Cream

THENA Intensive Healing Cream for Eczema & Psoriasis

My top pick

What I like

  • Helped with my itching
  • Great day cream

What I don’t

  • Strong smell

Who is it for

I have been using this for just over a month now and it’s doing an amazing job. The psoriasis on my scalp is going away much faster than before, but the downside is that there are some side effects from not being medicated with steroids for dryness which I’m used to seeing due to all of those other prescriptions stashed up at home.
I hope you find something else because these types of cures aren’t always as effective as what we’re accustomed to.

Scent & consistency

Unlike topical steroids, I haven’t noticed a residue on my pillow (as with this one) or an unpleasant smell—the minty smell is kind of nice actually.

It seems less greasy too. Though that could just be because where psoriasis has settled over most parts of me doesn’t have much oil production anyway so applying moisturizer was always required after topicals were done helping heal things up.

My recommendation

I personally find Rosemary Mint Eucalyptus soothing but if you don’t like those types then perhaps try lavender instead?

Goat Milk for Psoriasis: Hand Cream

Dionis – Goat Milk Skincare Verbena & Cream Scented Hand Cream & Lotion Set

Great finish and I simply love the smell

What I like

  • My skin feels great without the greesy feeling

What I don’t

  • Small packaging

The scent

What I adored about this lotion in the past was its wonderful scent. The new version of it doesn’t have a similar fragrance, but at least remains nice and moisturizing on your skin.

The scent of this hand lotion is still amazing. It’s not overpowering, and the smell lingers longer than other products I have found before.

Who is it for

Plus it moisturizes without being greasy or burning my hands in harsh rubbing motions that can leave behind red marks from their own friction against skin as they rub away at any extra dry patches on your body where dirt has gotten trapped due to cleaning habits over time. The best part? You won’t be disappointed when trying out new scents for yourself because every single one seems worth getting excited about.

Goat Milk for Psoriasis: Body Lotion


Lovercare Goat Milk Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Rich, luxurious, and long lasting. Some might not like the scent

What I like

  • Nice rich and creamy

What I don’t

  • Doesn’t last long

Who is it for

Luxurious and rich, this lotion will not dry out even if you use it every day. Unlike most products on the market that require frequent reapplications. You can order with confidence knowing that once your purchase has been shipped to arrive at your house in days.


The fragrance called Pearl powder (love it) & licorice is the ultimate skin accessory. Not only does it keep your face and body smooth, but with its high amount of amino acids you can be sure that pearls will help brighten up any dull complexion!