The problem with goat milk soap smell is a result of its chemical reaction to lye. The heated fat molecules change from being odorless and transparent, turning brown or black in color as they react badly with oxygen. These changes make the entire mixture seem burnt even though there was no actual flame involved. To prevent this from happening you can put your bar(s) back into refrigeration once it has been emptied so that any bad smells disspate.

The way your nose can affect the strength of a scent is something not many people know about. Some individuals, like my mom for example, live with this condition permanently and it’s actually quite scary at times when they pick up soap or anything else in an area where its supposed to have strong scents but don’t smell anything.

Unscented goat milk soap smell

Goat milk soap can smell like a pleasant yet refreshing summer day. The goat milk takes care of your skin’s needs, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh as if it was just unwound from winter.
I’m not being difficult or anything here – I’ll admit scent can be subjective but in all my years making this stuff (it has been quite a while) there have never been any complaints about the smell.

Scent of goat milk soap

Nothing to be worried about

I know it sounds weird, but goat milk soap doesn’t smell like you think it does. Sure, if you sniff a bar of traditional soap up close the scent is what we call “soap.” But when someone mentions goat milk soap they might as well be talking about something else because there’s no correlation between the two.

Plus, thanks to all those health benefits that come with using this type of natural product (that are scientifically proven), your skin will thank you for giving these products a try. Trust me on this one-once people get over their initial hesitation and start using our line of products, they’re hooked forever. People who have never tried goat milk before don’t want anything else once they try it out.

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