If you are like me, you probably love goat milk soap. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s gentle on the skin, smells great, and is made with all natural ingredients. But one question that often comes up is how long does goat milk soap last? Will it expire? Can I use it after the expiration date? In this article, we will answer all of your questions about goat milk soap.

Curing process impacts the longevity

natural soap

Good curing of goat milk soap is essential in order to remove excess moisture and to complete the saponification process. Curing goat milk soap properly helps it last longer and be milder. This involves allowing airflow around the goat milk soap so that air can circulate all sides of the bar.

The drying process of goat milk soap is essential for removing water content naturally, which produces a drier bar of soap that will last longer than usual. Along with this, the curing period allows for completion of the saponification process which makes goat milk soap as mild as possible.

How you store your soap is also important

When it comes to goat milk soap longevity and durability, proper storage also plays an important role. It should be stored away from direct sunlight or heat sources and kept in a cool dry area such as a linen closet or cabinet. Keeping goat milk soap away from moisture can help ensure its longevity since dampness can cause it to become slimy and degrade quicker than usual.

Using a draining dish or rack when storing goat milk bars will allow excess water to evaporate more quickly compared to having them simply placed on a flat surface such as bathroom countertop or table top where moisture is more likely accumulate and stay trapped in the bar of goat milk soap causing it to break down faster over time.

Ultimately, curing goat milk properly with adequate airflow while ensuring proper storage conditions are met is key in order for goat milk soaps to last long while still maintaining its mildness and scent strength if desired by the individual user.

The bigger your soap, the longer you’ll get to enjoy it!

The size of your goat milk soap determines how long it will last, but other factors come into play as well. It may seem obvious that larger bars of goat milk soap will last longer than smaller bars of soap (more on its antibacterial properties). And while this is generally true, it isn’t always the case. To illustrate this point, let’s use an example where two different goat milk soaps are compared—one bar weighing 4 ounces and the other 8 ounces.

If all else is equal in terms of the goat milk soap’s composition and curing time, then technically the 8 ounce bar should last twice as long as the 4 ounce bar. However, if the 8 ounce bar has not been given extra time to cure before being used, it’s possible that it won’t actually last twice as long as the 4 ounce bar due to its higher moisture content.

Be smart with your storage ideas

Another way to consider how long goat milk soap will last is by looking at how you use it. (Read more on how you can store it) Generally speaking, if you take an 8 ounce goat milk soap and cut or break it into pieces for use one at a time, then each piece should last longer than if you were to use up the entire 8-ounce bar all at once. This can be a great way to get maximum value from any goat milk soaps you purchase. Ever tried dishwashing goat milk soap?

Of course, using a milder form of exfoliation such as a washcloth or loofah can also extend your goat milk soaps life span, allowing you to enjoy its many therapeutic benefits for even longer periods of time.

The drying time affects how long the goat milk soap lasts

To ensure that goat milk soap lasts as long as possible, it is important to remember that the drying time between uses can significantly affect how long it lasts. You should avoid allowing goat milk soap to sit in a puddle of water and instead elevate it with a soap rest or hang and dry it with a soap saver. This will allow your goat milk soap to get ample airflow and dry out.

You can help extend the life of goat milk soap by rotating bars of soap; for instance, if someone drops their bar into the bathwater and it becomes saturated, let it thoroughly dry out before using another bar.

goat milk soap for face
goat milk soap for face
Did you know?

High quality water extends goat milk soaps its longevity.

When using goat milk soap, the quality of water you use can greatly impact how long it will last. Soft water is generally more ideal for goat milk soap since it contains fewer minerals that can reduce the soap’s efficacy over time.

Goat milk soap lathers more quickly when used with soft water, so you don’t have to scrub as hard (and use more of the soap) in order to achieve the desired result. If you suspect that your water is particularly hard, investing in a water softener may be worth considering. Doing so could extend the life of your goat milk soap and help keep it functioning at its best.

room temperature
Does Goat Milk Soap Whiten Skin

How you wash has a huge impact on it’s lifespan

It is obvious yet important to consider that goat milk soap will last longer when used by smaller individuals, such as children. An adult’s usage will naturally be more frequent than a child’s; however, there are other factors to consider when determining the longevity of goat milk soap.

The amount of friction applied to the soap during use will make a difference. For example, women who shave their legs regularly should expect less usage than those with hair or stubble on their body.

Using a washcloth or soap saver may either increase or decrease the lifespan of goat milk soap depending on how much friction is applied.

multiple people are sharing goat milk soap, this will affect its longevity. Each individual having their own soap allows more time for it to dry out between uses, extending its life expectancy.

Here are the best tips to make your goat milk soap last as long as possible!

1. Don’t buy old or experied soap

Start by buying some of it in advance. You’ll have the option to let it age and cure at home, so you can take full advantage of its improved quality as time passes. Nevertheless, be aware that around 9 – 12 months after it was produced, the soap’s scent will start fading away. Thus consider both how much more powerful aroma is desired and longevity when selecting what type of soap to buy.

2. Buy smaller soap bars

Opt for smaller-sized goat milk soaps. These are not only comfortable to hold but will also make your soaps last longer! If you’re feeling brave and want to cut them up yourself, use a mitre box with a putty knife – just be careful when handling sharp tools.

3. Cut off bigger pieces, rather than small slivers

You should use a sharp kitchen knife to cut it right away. In fact, the longer you wait to slice the bar of soap, the harder it will get! If taking smaller pieces into the shower is impractical for you, simply make sure that only half of each bar gets wet every time by rotating them regularly.

But don’t get crazy with this. Using really small pieces will get to the point where you have too many soap slivers which are not very efficiently used.

4. Allow to air dry

Allow your soap to air dry. This is the most vital measure you can take for achieving optimal results with goat milk soap. A few different strategies are available, such as utilizing a soap saver or rest in order to guarantee that it remains completely dried out between uses.

5. Keep it out of water

Avoid allowing it to remain in pools of water and taking showers while still having contact with it. If multiple individuals are using one soap, its drying time is usually limited so consider purchasing more than one bar – that way each person can have their own.

6. Cooler water makes it last longer

Chill out (if you have the patience). If you opt to use cooler water, it would take longer for your goat milk soap bar to dissolve than if you used hot water. Keep this in mind when using your soap.

Do goat milk soap products have a shelf life?

washing hands with goat milk soap
washing hands with goat milk soap

You should store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Curing goat milk soap properly will not only help it last longer but also provide better cleaning results. It will lather better and more gently cleanse your skin.

That being said, goat milk soaps may start to lose their scent after 9-12 months of production. The scent can fade away completely or simply become less intense. Remember that you can choose between having goat milk soap with a strong aroma or one that will last longer. Whichever you prefer is entirely up to you. Rest assured that goat milk soap will not go bad, regardless of the scent strength.

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