There are many laundry soaps on the market, but how do you know which one is the best for you?Some people might opt for a laundry soap that contains harsh chemicals, while others may choose a soap that is made with natural ingredients. When it comes to natural laundry soap, goat milk soap is a great option because of its many benefits. Here are nine reasons why you should use goat milk laundry soap:

Free of Synthetic Chemicals

Your laundry detergent might be designed to leave your laundry clean, but it probably isn’t leaving them as clean as you think. Commercial laundry soaps are not very effective at removing dirt and grime from our clothing because they don’t contain surfactants. Wetting agents that cause water to penetrate the fabric. Instead, they rely on synthetic chemicals to create that sudsy feeling in order to help release the dirt and grime.

Surfactants are the actual cleaning agents in laundry soap – they work by breaking down oils (like grease). The surfactants contained in natural laundry soap act like synthetic laundry detergents to penetrate the fabric and remove all types of stains.

When you wash your clothes with a commercial product, it is not the soap that does all of the work – but instead these detergents use synthetic chemicals to mimic its cleaning action. Commercial laundry soaps are free from these harmful ingredients and can be used in any type or machine without worrying about harming them.

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Natural Laundry Soap won’t Leave Chemical Residue

Optical brighteners are chemical additives that make your clothes look cleaner than they actually are. They’re designed to trick you into thinking the material has been cleaned, but this only lasts as long as it takes for those chemicals bind with fiber and fabric – which can take up hours of cleaning time.

And since these substances resist heat or bleach attempts at getting rid them from what’s left on surfaces like sheets & towels, there will always remain some residue behind depending how heavily processed said object was when first exposed.

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Natural Laundry Soap is Nicer to the Environment

Natural laundry soap is not as harmful to our environment and does poses far lesser threat to the ecosystem than synthetic soaps.

So how do laundry soaps harm out planet? According to CRUIS (Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Chemical Substitutes), laundry detergents account for about 2 % of all chemical pollutants entering water bodies, which in some cases can pose serious threats to aquatic life.

Most laundry soaps on the market today are made from petroleum byproducts. When these chemicals are washed down our drains, they end up polluting our fresh water bodies causing them to die off with high levels of contamination that cause many downstream areas to suffer toxic water quality problems with subsequent effects for humans.

When you put clothes in the wash, don’t forget about all those harmful chemicals. Laundry detergents are not only dangerous to your skin and health but they can be very detrimental for both ourselves as well our environment by releasing toxins into wastewater that ends up being discharged throughout society with high levels of contamination across different aquatic life types such has freshwater fish or even invertebrates.

What you do affects everything around you, so if this concerns you then be sure to think about switching to laundry soap that’s much friendlier towards the planet.

Doesn’t Irritate Skin

Unlike commercial laundry detergents, natural laundry soaps are designed to thoroughly clean your clothes and then completely rinse away. If you wash your clothing in a standard consumer chemical-laden detergent like bleach or neighbors’ driveway stain remover (you know who you are), all those harsh ingredients will be rubbing against the skin continuously until they’ve exited through sweat pores somewhere else on our bodies.

We all know that your skin isn’t a perfect barrier, but it does have the power to absorb what’s coming in. This means you could end up with chemicals and toxins stuck inside of y0ur body if commercial laundry detergent is used without any protection from natural soap. It also causes irritation or rashes which will make eczema worse.

Natural laundry soap won’t Irritate your Lungs

There’s something about the way your clothes smell after you wash them with a commercial laundry detergent that just doesn’t seem right. You can’t help but feel irritated by these fragrances; they’re so strong and always hanging around for hours or even days afterwards.

When heated during drying time, all those chemicals come through very clearly- affecting not only who wears them (women) as well any nearby people living in close proximity to where this occurs such has been linked to hormonal imbalances caused due illness like asthma attacks etc..

Natural Laundry Soap Doesn’t Contain any Nasty Chemicals

There are many chemicals in your average bottle of commercial laundry detergent. Some of these chemicals are banned in Europe and may even be classified as carcinogenic. A few of them include:

  • 1,4-Dioxane, a possible carcinogen that is not always listed on the label.
  • NPE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylate) mimics estrogen and can cause hormone and reproductive problems. It is banned in Canada and Europe.
  • Phosphates which are harmful to the environment.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) which is harmful to the skin.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, an irritant to skin and the respiratory system.

A natural laundry detergent doesn’t contain any of these harmful chemicals. Even if you buy a laundry soap that advertises as natural it is still not completely safe to use around your family. Remember, even if it is natural, it can still harm you and your family’s health. A better alternative is a laundry soap made from natural ingredients such as goat milk soap.

A laundry soap made with goat milk is gentler on the skin than regular laundry soaps and can also be used to wash clothes, towels and other laundry items in your household.

Natural Laundry Soap is Better to Your Washing Machine

Biodegradable laundry detergent not only cleans your clothes but it’s better for the environment too! Green cleaners break down quickly and completely in cold, warm or hot water. They’re safe to use without fear of clogging up drains due their low sudsing ability which also makes them perfect if you have a septic system as well since they won’t cause any problems there unlike other types that can build-up over time leading eventually towards failure . What more does one need when dealing with such an easy going product??

Natural Laundry Soap is Safer for your Septic System

Commercial laundry detergents may be harmful to your septic system. Many powdered commercial soaps are full of abrasive chemicals and fillers that don’t break down easily, which can clog or harm a well- functioning installation – not just because it’s uncomfortable but also expensive in terms if repair work needed afterwards.

In contrast natural soap made from fat will foam up nicely when mixed with water creating enough wedging power without being too soft on hard surfaces like RO filtration holes where we want transparency instead sharp edges (which could damage them).

Thereby these ingredients have been proven safe for our sewers too while still providing excellent cleaning power thanks largely due its Dispersion Index

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Safely and Effectively Cleans your Clothes.

There are many different ways to get your clothes clean and they all have their benefits, but the most natural way is by using a laundry product without any chemicals. This means you’ll be able see exactly what’s going on with each step in our process so there won’t need any tricks or hidden surprises for us.

And because it is a laundry soap, you do not need to use fabric softener. Fabric softeners coat your clothes with chemicals which keeps them from feeling stiff and rough like they will without them. But these chemicals can also keep the dirt and oil on your clothes from being washed away by a laundry soap.

Conclusion to Natural Laundry Soap

If you’re looking for laundry soap that is gentle on your skin, has no harmful chemicals and doesn’t coat your clothes with more chemicals then natural laundry soap made of goat milk may be the perfect choice for you. The laundry soaps are safe to use around children or pets in your household because they don’t contain any harsh chemical ingredients. Make sure when purchasing a laundry detergent it’s specifically labeled as being “natural” before using it–even if it contains all-natural ingredients, there can still be some adverse side effects. Natural laundry soaps clean just as well without relying on powerful toxins that leave behind residue after washing clothing items!

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